• Hard working
  • Loyal
  • Reserved


  • Male


  • 32


  • German


  • Field-Worker


When Kaiser was a teenager, the farm that he and his father worked on shut down due to the poor quality of the soil. It would no longer grow foods, and what could sprout up was disformed and inedible. His family struggled to make ends meet then, and had to move to a cramped apartment in the city. Kaiser sought to earn money by street fighting in the dark pits of the alleyways. Even when he lost, he still got a cut of the money earned through bets. It earned enough for him and his aging parents to live comfortably, but it came with many risks. One day, Kaiser was arrested.

He was sentenced to community service on the railway. After his service was up, the railway offered a job to Kaiser, who performed heavily laborous tasks without a complaint. His new duty was typically to accompany a train and maintain the train's health. On his breaks, he would sit in a caboose and watch the scenery pass by. It was during one of his breaks that he met Mika, a talkative traveller who could make a friend out of almost anyone. After talking to Kaiser for a few hours, he was impressed by Kaiser's background and extended an invitation to work at Gaea Corp. Although it was further from home, it had better pay and working conditions, so Kaiser accepted.