• Reserved
  • Intimidating
  • Dominant


  • Male


  • 54


  • Unknown 


  • Founder of Gaea Corp


Khaled was born in a third world country, where specific records on the population were not kept. He was rumored to live a normal life of a hard worker, without standing out too much. One day, a university had visited Khaled's country to conduct a study. Kwang-Sun was a serious representative of the university that was interviewing Khaled. The two worked closely throughout the duration of the university's study and formed a sort of friendship. It was then that Khaled made Kwang-Sun a tempting offer.

Kwang-Sun left the university and teamed up with Khaled. The two traveled to Europe, where they began to seek out other recruits and start to establish their company. The birth of Gaea Corp led to a lot of media attention, and Khaled, or at least his company, quickly became a name that many people of the world knew of.

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