Mika (2)


  • Persuasive
  • Open
  • Placid


  • Male


  • 36


  • Scandenavian


  • Gaea Corp's Spokesperson


Mika lived an easy life in the city with most of his family, his father being the owner of a leading wind mill energy company. Mika was never into the science aspect of the business, but he loved to talk to people and was excellent at convincing them to invest in wind mills. After five years in his father's business, he grew ambitious. There was only so much he could do at home. He persuaded his father to let him travel through Europe and set specific conferences where he would inform people how to subsidize in green energy, specifically wind mill energy.

When he wasn't educating, he spent all of his time meeting new people and seeing all that he could see. Eventually, he happened upon a pair who were forming their own 'green' company, Gaea Corp. They were impressed by how easily Mika could talk to people and get them to spend large amounts of money on something like wind mills, so they invited him to join their new company. Excited by the chance to continue working in the green field and be able to work over a large scale of employees, Mika accepted.

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