• Rarity: Common
  • Average height:
  • Average weight:


Among the most graceful of species, Azura pride themselves on their agility and beauty. They are both fluent in the air and on foot, using their slender bodies to loop and twist seemingly with ease. This can cause for jealousy from other Kasarians, but Azuras are not without their flaws. It is rare to encounter an Azura with almost constant energy, as they only have short bursts of zests throughout the day and require plenty of rest.

During their relaxation, Azura loved to groom. Several well known Azuras claim that neatly groomed feathers attribute to their speedy flying success, and it appears as though most every other Azura follow that code. Once a year around spring, their old feathers molt and are replaced with newer and glossier feathers. This is a time for celebration among Azura, even though they are at first hesitant to lose their old feathers. Some Azura collect at least one feather each year as a remembrance.

Despite their sometimes pompous behavior and high maintenance, Azuras love to entertain others, often for free. They will compete with each other to perform the most elaborate stunts, or race to see who is the fastest and most skilled flier. These acrobatic sports often draw a lot of attention, and some Kasatarians earn a living by placing bets. After the sports are over, the winning Azuras, true to their nature, may ask for a relaxing nap or to be groomed.

Notable AzurasEdit

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