• Rarity: Common
  • Average height:
  • Average weight:


Celekin are generally an inward species, though that's not to say that there aren't any bold or outgoing ones. They travel the quickest by slithering on the ground, but they are able to fly for short distances by springing into the air and flapping their small fin-like wings while twirling their bodies to get an extra push. Even if celekin aren't particularly strong, the do have a lot of muscles. It is a serious health problem if they don't get to travel or wrap around objects often, as they can lose their muscle density.

Their eyes are placed a little more on the sides of their heads than other species, making it more difficult to see in front of them. Celekin are known to dip or tilt their heads often in order to see better. If they aren't on guard, it's easy for them to get startled or surprised at an object or creature that they hadn't known was near. Luckily for them, it is considered shameful among Kasarians to scare a celekin this way, so others will often announce themselves as a way to be polite and avoid an unpleasant confrontation.

Despite this, celekin actually have really good eyesight. On average, they can see much further than any other species. Combined with their small and graceful bodies, they could snoop around almost effortlessly. The phrase 'as sneaky as a celekin' was coined because of that, though few celekin actually slither around and snoop on others. The banging of their metallic rings would probably give them away, as they use these to help give them an extra push when they move. These rings are special to celekin, as they inherit them from their parents once they do an outstanding task, such as reaching a certain age, taking on great maturity or responsibility, or completing a heroic deed. A celekin may earn more than one ring in its lifetime and may wear a combination of them.

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