• Rarity: Common
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Information Edit

Charee are typically social creatures, although they are a bit skittish. They rely heavily on hearing, smell, and feeling as their eyes are sensitive to the light. Because of this they keep their eyes closed, but occasionally they will open them just a fraction to peek. Many charee stick together in a little flock, relying on each other to make navigation a lot easier. However, they will also pair up with friends in other species in this way too.

Many believe the charee's origin to be from the Lush Forest, due to the large number and many shades of colorful plumage. The forest is an ideal spot to relax in the treetops, bathe in the cool stream, gather fruits, and lead a rather peaceful life. Although the charee have spread throughout the globe, it is very rare to see them in the depths of Misty Glenn.

The best time for the species is Spring, since the air is filled with many fresh and floral scents. It's an easy route to food and warm sunny spots. In Spring, charee have the softest and most vibrant feathers, and usually have much higher energy levels. During this time it is not uncommon to see them running quickly and even racing azuras. This behavior can continue through summer as long as the temperature isn't too hot, but it tends to mellow out through most of the Fall and Winter. Although more rare, some charee have these patterns in the Fall and Winter if they have favorite natural foods or smells in those seasons, or live where a climate is mostly consistent.

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