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The coalebre is a species that typically values mystique and tradition. They pass down rules, morals, and secrets from generation to generation, also closely guarding the secret of their hypnotic eyes. On the one year mark of a coalebre's birth, they receive their tattoo on their back and foreheads. It is a special ink fused with ebb, and has been known to shift slightly whenever coalebres change type. This ink recipe is also highly secretive, and only select coalebre in charge of inking know the recipe. Traditionally, they also have accessories or clips of some sort tied into the long fur by the pinna. Although there are many stories and explanations as to why that began, nothing is for certain, at least to Kasatarians that are not coalebres.

Coalebre often value beauty, and the species is known for altering their characteristics as much as possible (except for their tattoos). The long fur on the coalebre's ears are often used as a form to stylize themselves, though most wear it long. Their actual ear is quite short, providing the opportunity for coalebre to keep their ear fur trimmed to a short stump. Some coalebre like to trim their tails to give it a bit of shape. Coalebre strive for uniqueness with fur, specially within their own species.

The eyes of the coalebre are their most notable feature. They are different from the other species, as their iris fills the whole eye, and the pupil appears as a spiral. A type of hypnosis can be performed by trained coalebre, though it is tiring and strains their eyes. Their unique eyes also give them enhanced night vision. One side effect to their different eyes is that they can sometimes misjudge the placement of objects.

Notable CoalebreEdit

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