• Rarity: Common
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Galeodo are among the largest of companions on Kasaria. They are born incredibly small, no bigger than a celekin. The first four years are generally uncomfortable for the young galeodo. They are incredibly hungry, energetic, and fierce to accommodate their frequent growth spurts, where they nearly double in size each year. As they age, however, their growth slows down to a more manageable rate until they are fully grown, and they mellow out to match this.

Since the majority of the species spend their lives underwater, they have created a sort of 'language' to communicate. They use their tails, fins, teeth, posture, and expressions to relay to other galeodo. Although this language is fairly self explanatory, galeodo are able to understand more complex questions such as, 'At what time did that happen?' Galeodo that live on land can use this body language while answering a question without even realizing that they are doing so. This has earned them the title of the most expressive species, although it greatly depends on the individual galeodo to live up to that name.

Although galeodo primarily live underwater, there are able to breathe above water, too. They inhale large amounts of air with their nostrils, then store the air in their massive lungs while underwater. They release the air through their gills in small amounts so that they can stay under the water for long periods of time. Usually, galeodo will settle near shallow shores, air pockets, or by fissures that release bubbles. With practice, they can hold their breath for over a day long. While on land, they do not need water but may be uncomfortable without a splash every once in a while. However, unless they are in an altered form, galeodo have a difficult time navigating land with their large, legless bodies.

Notable GaleodosEdit

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