• Rarity: Uncommon
  • Average height:
  • Average weight:


Hiikapin are considered to be very bug-like companions. They are not as commonly seen around Kasaria as other species. They mostly live in caverns that spread out deep beneath the planet’s surface. Due to the complete darkness, the Hiikapin use a language system relying on clicking their fangs and flashing their tails. The clicks resonate through the caves better than their voices. Their voices generally sound like hisses due to their build. The language system they use could be compared to Morse code.

They use their lights to locate food or find objects close by, since it's not a very bright light. It’s also used for an attention grabber in case the Hiikapin is in trouble or has found a lot of food. When Hiikapin are together in a large group, they will all light the cave walls in a colorful explosion as they talk to one another. Whenever a stranger enters the caverns, Hiikapin turn off their lights until they feel they can trust the intruder. Until then, the visitor has to deal with the unpleasant experience of being in the dark, surrounded by a bunch of clicking noises…

The caverns where the Hiikapin live are not easily accessible. The tunnels have only one entrance on the surface, but this cave is somewhere in the Frosty Mountains. For most of the year, this cave is frozen over with a wall of ice. For a few days during the summer, however, the sun’s rays reach the cave. It melts the ice for a few days. During this time, a few Hiikapin venture out to explore the outside world.

Hiikapin are not often known for being the most sociable. Their eyes have little to no pupil, making it hard to tell if they are looking at someone. For this reason, they tend to seem a little unapproachable. While out of their home cavern, they will click their fangs when irritated, but can speak Casariin or the human's language with no problems.