• Rarity: Common
  • Average height:
  • Average weight:


Kiisu are proud creatures that can become quick enemies if not careful, especially to those outside of their species. They spend a lot of time grooming themselves, and don't like to get their paws dirty. Despite their persnickety lifestyles, they do enjoy hunting for food or for sport. Since they are not usually very strong, they have to rely on their agility and gracefulness to catch smaller prey. Having such fine taste, they would never eat scraps. They mainly eat meat and fish, and most would rather have somebody else prepare it for them even if it costs a few golds.

Although they are not the strongest of species, they can usually hold their own in a battle. The scruff on the back of their neck is their weak point, but the extra spiky fur does a decent job of protecting it. Cutting or shredding fur off of their mane is comparable to demoting a kiisu to the lowest possible status, so they will defend it at all costs. However, if someone gained the trust of a kiisu, they would learn that the creatures emit a sound close to a purr when this spot is gently scratched.

Since kiisu prefer to be around others of the same species, they have established a sort of implicit dialect. A regal miaou is difficult for other species to understand, but other kiisu can easily recognize these sounds with the addition of tone and visual clues and interpret their meanings.

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