• Rarity: Common
  • Average height:
  • Average weight:


The kunto are a large omnivorous species built for scavenging the barren landscape of Vita and Terenui. Their giant tail and legs help them to leap to high perches on rock walls where their dens are located, or to find foods such as eggs, small creatures, and vegetation. Their small wings are useless for flying, but they do aid in adding a little extra height to jumps and making them seem a bit more able and scarier to any potential threats. 

Their small arms don't help for much either, besides for carrying small items with them. The appendages also make it difficult for the kunto to maintain dental hygiene, so it is not uncommon to see them gnawing on bones or chewing rocks with their teeth that are as hard as steel to clean up any lingering scraps. 

This has led to bad habits among kunto, giving them a reputation for eating many non food items, especially ones of importance. The kunto almost constantly has to fulfil the need to chew or swallow, which can be disastrous when paired with the instinct to collect. If a kunto sees an important or well used treasure to somebody, be it a key, toy, or pencil, it may be inclined to steal it and swallow it, thus "owning" the item. The best way to keep a kunto's claws off of everything else is to constantly feed it or give it something to occupy itself with.

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