• Rarity: Common
  • Average height:
  • Average weight:


At birth, mingos are fuzzy kits that are totally dependent on their parents for care. They rarely separate from their one or two other siblings until they are able to see and crawl. Their tails start out as little strings, gaining more fur on them around their first birthday. As mingos age beyond through adulthood, their fur coats begin to lose their thickness and sheen. Even if their sight begins to leave them as well, their hearing remains as adept as it was in their youth. 

Mingos are typically fast learners, and are eager to share their knowledge. They are very social, so their knowledge and fables are often widespread between the species. As communal as they are, however, they can get a bit irritable if they aren't allowed their personal space. Mingos have fairly sharp teeth that will get their point across if their growl doesn't. 

Apart from basic needs such as food, water, and shelter, mingos also need attention. A mingo is never truly happy unless they have at least one creature, be it a fellow Kasarian or a pal, to bond with. They love to be petted, but would be content with simply cuddling up to or being near their companions.