• Rarity: Special (need a totem)
  • Average height:
  • Average weight:


Not much is known about this reclusive species except for to heed caution with them. Soyil are known for their thieving skills and snarky attitudes, and nearly all of the soyil seem to aspire to live up to those standards. They are raised to be quick thinkers and light on their feet in order to snatch up treasures and avoid danger. Generally, they are also quite crafty and can fashion an assortment of helpful trinkets with their slender fingers.

But despite all of these almost natural talents, the soyil have a hard time functioning 'properly' in society unless they were raised to. Their lack of trust and willingness to work with others does not help the species' image either, but soyil relations have been this way for as long as anybody could remember. Only books of legends seem to find a different story, where soyil lived peacefully together in a remote pocket of the world. It was said that a group of rogue soyil angered the gods, and their mouths were moved to their stomachs, and the soyils were forced to live among the other Kasatarians as punishment. It is still unknown where soyils originated from or why they have mouths on their stomachs, but this is the only account of an explanation apart from different theories.

It can be difficult to please these picky creatures, but well worthwhile. Partnerships with a soyil are rare, and can be even harder to befriend one with other companions. But if one gains a soyil's trust, they also gain an immense amount of respect and loyalty. Unfortunately, this also leaves room for abandonment. If a soyil finds another that they respect more, they may leave their previous partner. Soyils go by a credo, to protect or serve the one they respect the most at all costs.

Notable SoyilsEdit

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