• Rarity: Common
  • Average height:
  • Average weight:


Lovers of fruit, the tiniki are a bright, active, and social species. They generally live in groups, even mixing with other Kasariins. Although it is thought that the tiniki originated in the Lush Forest, their fur coats can adapt to most any region that isn't too extreme. Their body fur is not very thick, but it is sleek and excellent at blocking out cold winds or waves of heat. Their neck fur is a bit thicker, but their tails are where the their fur grows the thickest, weighing down the creatures.

Their tiny and delicate fingers are perfect for handling intricate trinkets, or to cling onto rough surfaces. It is rare to find a group of tiniki that do not live in a wooded area, where they travel by launching and gliding from tree to tree. If a tiniki were to live outside of their natural habitat, they would have to rely on another species to help them travel, as they are relatively slow on foot. Tiniki are only capable of a short flight, if at all, because of the heavy weight of their tails. To compensate, the species holds heavier-tailed tiniki with high respect and will help those out at all times. 

The tiniki sing or call out to one another to communicate. They usually have very light and high pitched voices, but with the help of their large ears they can hear each other from great distances. Some creatures may have a hard time hearing them unless the tiniki raises its voice, but that can cause discomfort to those nearby with sensitive ears.

Notable TinikiEdit

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