• Rarity: Special
  • Average height:
  • Average weight:


Twaog are perhaps the species that are the closest to ebb , the mystical energy force on Kasaria. It may have something to do with the sturdy blades that extend from their body, generally from their head, shoulders, and rump. A light flame-like wisp flows from at least one of these areas, though they are not harmful to the touch. The appearance of the ebb may change depending on the twaog's type. The flame may flare up or die down along with the twaog's mood and general health.

Although their legs aren't always very slim and elegant, they do allow for great balance and running. Twaogs are well known for their agility and speed. They aren't the fastest of species, though surely a few of them can be, but they are able to navigate around obstacles with much more ease. Most any problems that twaogs have with one another can be solved through a race and talking it out, or with the help of their horns. With more stubborn twaog, they may butt heads and press against each other until one of them tires out and backs down.

The twaog generally maintain a simple diet of fruits and leafy foods, though they do require a lot of water. Twaogs who are physically active or at least stand often especially need to drink copious amounts of water in order to keep focused and balanced. They cannot exert themselves for long without something to drink. Even though they can not maintain their stamina for long periods of time without water, their bodies can typically endure more exertion at a time in comparison to other species.

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