Ebb is a life force of its own on Kasaria. It can appear in various shapes, but is rarely visible for more than a minute. It is usually found in remote areas with thick vegetation.

Uses of EbbEdit

Some Kasarians can ‘harvest’ ebb and use it to create light, manipulate the elements, and cause plants to flourish.

Ebb also influences a Kasarian’s appearance. Their genetic composition can be altered by ebb, allowing them to shift and “adapt” to a different climate. Kasarians can feel the presence of ebb before changing types, and can stop the shift if they wish.


There are many odd phenomenon that are believed to be caused by ebb. 

Legendary PalsSome elusive and wild creatures on the planet are said to be the offspring of ebb. Sightings of these "legendaries" are said to bring great luck or to signify that something big is about to happen. 

Hiinda - Ebb's behavior changes during the Autumnal Equinox, which the Kasarians refer to as Hiinda. The shapes of ebb appear for longer durations, appears in greater numbers, and moves around much more. Kasarians believe that this phenomenon is when Kasarians of the past embody ebb and play on the planet, enjoying life once more.

Floating Islands - According to legend, the Floating Islands were blown off of the face of the planet when the great gods and goddesses of the past dueled. Kasarians say that ebb was very thick in that area, which is what kept the massive chunks of land tethered to Kasaria.

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