Gaea Corp's Earth HQ


Gaea Corp is a company founded on the overpopulated and polluted Earth with the intention to heal the planet.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

  • Kasaria Preview 1 & 3
  • Indiegogo campaign

Main Members[edit | edit source]

Khaled . Despite being the founder of Gaea Corp, Khaled is pretty distant from the public eye. It is thought that he is simply devoting all of his time and efforts to the Kasaria Project.

Kwang-Sun . Khaled's right hand man and number cruncher rarely has time to rest. He keeps a close eye on the company's funding and creates solutions to earning more funds to help with the expedition. Occasionally, Kwang-Sun will make a public appearance.

Mika . Usually Mika is the one advertising and answering the public's questions. He is very open and friendly, and seems to breathe his job. Never before has it been so easy to hold a conversation with someone whose eyes are covered!

Kaiser . While not the most innovative of staff, Kaiser makes it up with his brawn. He assists the Gaea Corp staff members with navigating through public hearings and can be seen toting packages to and from the Headquarters quite often.

Robin . She works hard to go over and beyond what a normal secretary might do, usually by handing out most of the orders and seeing to it that they are all accomplished with proficiency. It took a lot of effort for Robin to gain her role, and she continuously runs a tight and streamlined ship in order to ensure that she keeps her job.

Whig . A company in Kasaria would be nothing without a Kasarian companion, and Whig fits this spot. His expertise in Kasaria's economy has helped Gaea Corp to flourish and help the foods and other resources of the planet multiply to curb hunger and allow for the humans to live here too.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

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