Claire, owner of Icy Toys.

For Kasaria's third preview , a special event letting players explore one part of Kasaria was released by Gaea Corp . was not yet open for registration, so an account was not needed to participate. 

To advance through the event, explorers had to say certain phrases to each shop keeper. Invalid codes often led to confused or impatient Kasatarians!

The Crisis

As soon as players arrived at the location for exploration, Frosty Mountains, they were approached by a Claire the dravien, owner of the store Icy Toys, who asked for their help. She informs explorers that she lost her missing pendant, and seeing as it was a priceless heirloom, wanted explorers to help her find it. Claire recalls eating at Frozen Entrees last night, which is a restaurant not too far from her store.

Running Errands

The owner of Frozen Entrees, however, informs you that there was nothing found. He suggests checking by the popular ice fishing spot. A galeodo by the ice fishing regretfully says that he cannot help since it's hard for him to travel on land, but he offers a helpful clue. "Usually, things that you're looking for are often right under your snout.... and that's why I can't fish in the water..."

The clue should have led explorers back to Frozen Entrees to look around. Clicking the bottom of the table reveals the missing heirloom. Once explorers return it to Claire, she notes that it is broken and asks for you to take it to Frost-Bound to get it fixed, saying that they owe her a favor anyway. However... the tiniki and coalebre running the apparel store ask you to pick up some frozen goodies while they fix the pendant, saying "Just tell that old charee that he can repay his owed favor!"

The charee in charge of Chilly Chews seems less than happy, muttering that the village thrives on favors, and hands you some treats to bring back to Frost-Bound, which is next door. After explorers retrieved the fixed pendant and gave it back to Claire, they were sent to a rewards page.


The first person to complete the event received a free alpha account, 5 gales. 250 gems, 20,000 golds, and a secret sign-on bonus to start out their account when they joined. Other participants received 1 gale and 10,000 golds.

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