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Blue Charee

The basic type is the true form of each companion species, with balanced abilities in comparison to their other types. Normal, but anything but bland! Their vibrant colors range from red, blue, green, and yellow. Orange, brown, and purple are also available with the help of dyes from various fruits and vegetables. 


Basic types are the most common types on Kasaria, inhabiting many different locations. However, more diverse color pools thrive on the Mainland and in Lush Forest. Among the basic colors, brown used to be the most common and was believed to be the original color by many Kasarians. Supposedly, it became more rare as Kasarians began to favor more colorful mates, and is now more commonly found on Kasarians who dyed themselves.


Some Kasarians prefer to change their colors every now and then, and can easily do so by crafting the dye of their choice. However, due to one of the necessary ingredients, any other types (Fire, Toy, etc) who use these dyes will return to their basic form.

The dye sinks deep into a Kasarian's coat. If properly crafted, it will also make the change permanent (unless another dye or type changer was applied) and carry on through any offspring.

All Basic CompanionsEdit

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