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A Kunto in the Dream Type

The Dream Type is a fairly recent addition to the many different types of variations seen in Companions. This type did not exist before the bond between humans and kasatarians. It is said that this type reflects the collective dreams of each species on Kasaria, with a touch from their human companion. Companions need to have a strong connection with ebb and their human companion for this to occur. Their appearances tend to give off "dream"-like vibes, often with an clear exterior that allows for the individual dreams to be seen within. The ebb also remains present as an ever-flowing trail of sparkles.


To change, the help of a bottle of Dream Sands is needed. This bottle is exceedingly rare to find, and is probably easier to just craft one. The sands are enchanted by a special kind of ebb that attaches itself to the energies of dreams themselves. To use the dream sands, a human and a kasatarian must lay near each other and sprinkle some of the Dream Sands around their heads. When they sleep, their dreams will connect. If there is a strong bond between the two, the kasatarian companion will transform to the Dream type.

Trivia Edit

  • Kasarians used the Dream Sands long ago in legends to see inside each other's dreams
  • Some of the materials needed to craft the Dream Sands also appear inside of the companion
  • There is no known effect on the human companion after the transformation

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