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Nature Type companions are mostly found in the Lush Forest and Misty Glen due to the area's high density of forestry. Appearances vary depending on the species, but mainly mimic greens, browns, and flowers of the forest. With the change to this type, companions require more water and sleep. However, a Nature Type Kasatarian that properly satisfies its needs can easily live longer than average.


To change into a Nature Type, a companion must cover themselves in ebb enchanted soil, without disturbing the area's growth. This dirt can be hard to find, since it can be difficult to find a site of rapid growth (caused by ebb), and even more difficult to find one that still has a lot of ebb present. The Lush Forest is the largest example of woods that was rapidly grown by ebb, however it has long since left and the soil cannot transform a companion.

Trivia Edit

Nature Type companions never stop growing. The older they become, more of their nature appearances will cover their bodies. The Nature Type companion images depict the average adult appearances.

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