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The transformation into a Toy Type is an unusual process that dramatically changes a Kasarian's exterior, typically to mimic a plush or wooden toy. A Kasarian's size may also shrink to a certain degree. Little is known about the origin of the Toy Type, but the change usually occurs when a companion plays with special toys. The companion Toy Type was recently discovered when these forgotten toys were uncovered from hoards, or brought out from storage. These aged artifacts are fragile and rare, but used to be popular and loved creations. 

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The speculation of the Toy Type's origins range is still up for debate, but older generations of Kasarians tell stories of a legendary toy maker who created these small toy friends a long time ago. The toy maker lived sometime after the end of the old world, during a time when work was hard due to the efforts to rebuild their world. It was an age where young Kasarians were expected to help most of the day, and missed out on play. The toy maker was said to have sewed and carved into the long hours of the night after daily duties. These toys were given as gifts to those who needed a little more light and happiness in each day. It is believed that ebb, once more plentiful, fused with the toys due to the love and adoration they received by their owners, which causes the transformation of Kasarians today. 


Although their apperances give the illusion of being an inanimate object, Toy Types live like normal companions. Their mouths are usually very small and hidden, but they still require food and water. 

Toy Types tend to catch the attention of young Kasarians and human children. It's typical for this type of companion to be very good with kids, and are generally used to having them run up and hug them!

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