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Water Kiisu

The Water Type companions take on unique appearances that help them adapt to life in the water. They become much faster swimmers and have increased sensitivity to help them "see" farther in the water. However, they cannot actually breathe underwater. Their adaptation allows them to hold their breath for much longer periods than their other Types, much like the Galeodo


To change into a Water Type, one must find and drink special ebb enchanted water. Currently, it is unknown what exactly causes small pools of water to become ebb enchanted, but tales of Kasarians who travel the seas for months at a time report seeing the light of ebb fleeing into various waterlogged flotsam, or simply attaching itself to the water itself, making it glow - thus enchanting the water. 

Trivia Edit

Living underwater introduces a myriad of new problems, especially if a Kasarian was not born a Water Type. For example, not only does land travel become extremely difficult, and their blackened eyes become sensitive to unfiltered light on land, but communication is also a challenge. Water Types have to rely on specific motions to express their thoughts, but usually try to find an air pocket in a cave, or they swim to the surface to talk.  

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